Crossroads Of Crazy

Jilly Martin vocal demo
Pat Aureli and Michael Lusk


This was an idea I had been kicking around for awhile and it was finally born when I had the chance to write with Michael Lusk in Nashville. Michael is a great guitar player, thinker and writer and we really had a great time writing together. This is one of many more in the pipeline. The inspiration for the song was from a famous female country artist going through some life-changing events and the confusion and chaos that she seemed to be going through.



Pat Aureli and Michael Lusk ©2016



He turned my world upside down
Now storm clouds are all I see
Seems everywhere I turn,
Lightnin’ strikes in front of me
His same old story, same BS
About needin’ to be free
I feel like Alice lost in Wonderland

Standin’ at the crossroads of crazy
Not sure I'll ever know which way to turn
Left, right, up, down, yes, no, maybe
He left me jaded
Standin’ at the crossroads of crazy

I jumped back down that rabbit hole found a cat grinnin’ back at me
He had a notion to buy me a potion to see where things might lead
But that’s no better than what I had just bad in a different way
I ain’t Alice – and this ain’t Wonderland

CH: (repeat)

It don't matter how I got here
It’s just where I live right now
Ain't nothin’ but time will ever fix this mess
So if you’re trying to find me, here is my address...

CH: (Repeat)

I know I'll make it
Standin’ at the crossroads of crazy


©2016 Patricia Ann Aureli,

Whole Lotta Pina Coladas Music, BMI

©2016 Michael Samuel Lusk,

Real 2 Real Music, ASCAP