Road Trippin'

Pat Aureli


Road Trippin’

Pat Aureli


I've been cravin' takin’ a vacation
It's been too long since I hit the road__oh-oh
Packin' up my pretty things in the Minnie Winnie
Well now I gotta get goin'

Route 66 is what I miss
Motels, diners, couldn't get any finer
It's time to go road trippin'__
Pick a dot on the map and meet me here
You can be my souvenir...

Mountains to prairies to tourist attractions
I'm mesmerized by those dotted lines__whoa-oh
We'll get as high as all the greenest scenery
No matter how far and wide we roam__

(Repeat Ch:)

My money's burnin' as the wheels keep turnin'
But I don't wanna stop now__No-oh
Sparkly neon signs are beckoning
It's a million dollar road show

(Repeat Ch:)

Instrumental Bridge
(Da-da-da-da Scat)

(Final Ch:)
It's time to go oh
It's time to go oh
It's time to go road trippin'__
It's time to go road trippin'__        


 ©2016 Pat Aureli,

Whole Lotta Pina Coladas Music, BMI