Just a few things I'm proud of and I hope to keep adding to this little list bit by bit so that some day, it's such a long list that you won't even attempt to read it!


  UNISONG 2003 FINALIST:  Pat Aureli and Sara

                                         Leila Martin for "When I Find You"



 May 2015 Voted to the "Most Wanted"

 Songwriter List


Song taken by Emily Mueller of OLE Publishing

in NSAI Pitch To Publisher, 2015


 Ones To Watch, 2015


Song taken by Casey Le'Vasseur of 3 Ring Circus Music

in NSAI Pitch To Publisher, 2016



Two songs recommended by NSAI staff for the NSAI Pitch-To-Publisher Luncheon, 2016

2016 NSAI TOP 40 Song Placement